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Canadian Woodwork
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When I first started designing and building kitchens and baths, I wanted to match or exceed the quality levels of the much larger top-rated kitchen manufacturers, but to do so with a unique one on one relationship with the customer, which the large companies simply could not match. My background was hand-crafted solid wood furniture and I wanted to mix the tradition and quality of furniture building with the production side of kitchen manufacture. This allowed me to give the client the ultimate custom kitchen because every cabinet was designed and built to their kitchens dimensions and their individual tastes and needs. The high overhead costs of the larger companies make this virtually unviable for them to achieve.

I have learned that the customer has become very well educated in terms of the kitchen design market, mostly due to television programs and countless publications dedicated to the kitchen industry. I've found the best way to build a custom kitchen is to let the client tell me exactly what they want and need in the planned area, and then I fill in the blanks. After all, they are the ones living in the design. This sometimes results in building from magazine or online photos of designs, but it ensures the end user is satisfied each and every time.

One last point that is very important to me is to maintain the ability to build to every individual's budget. Everyone that walks through my door has a different budget in mind that they want to spend to. It was important when I started, and still is today that I can respect and build to those allotted amounts. I have acquired lines to numerous products, components and materials that you will see on this website which allow me to customize jobs to fit each and every budget.

I am quite confident that when the final product is delivered, the value weighed for the dollar spent will be unmatched.

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