Strategic Planning & Asset Management Plan

This document contains proceedings from a strategy session held on December 6, 2023.   The purpose of the session was to develop the major elements of a strategic plan for the next four years.   The group began by defining a desired future state.  Then the group conducted a current state analysis by identifying opportunities, risks, and trends.  Based on this, five priorities were agreed upon.   Objectives were created for each priority.   

Asset Management Report

In December 2021 The Township of Bonnechere Valley expanded and updated its current Asset Management Plan (AMP) in order to be proactive in the ongoing management in all assets, and to ensure continued eligibility for Federal Gas Tax funds based on the Municipal Funding Agreement.  The updated AMP is consistent with the Ontario Ministry of Infrastructure "Building Together" Guide for Municipal Asset Managment Plans, the Municipal Funding Agreement, and the Ontario Regulation 588/17 (Asset Management Planning for Municipal Infrastructure).  The Township also received training for staff including AM software.

"The preparation of this project was carried out with assistance from the Government of Canada and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.  Nothwithstanding this support, the views expressed are the personal views of the authors, and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Government of Canada accept no responsibility for them."

Bonnechere Valley Asset Management Plan 2021

Energy Conservation

ONTARIO REGULATION 397/11 made under the GREEN ENERGY ACT, 2009 Made: August 17, 2011Filed: August 23, 2011 Published on e-Laws: August 25, 2011 Printed in The Ontario Gazette: September 10, 2011 ENERGY...