Day Trip Itineraries

Theme - Recreational Geology

Description: Uncover the story of our earth dating back more than 500 million years ago.

Season - Spring, Summer, Fall

Suggested activities: 

1. Guided Tour at the Bonnechere Caves -

2. Visit the Bonnechere Museum -

3. Walk along the Recreational Geology Trail - 

Other suggestions for consideration:

1.  Swim at Eganville's Rotary Beach

2.  Play at the Eganville Splash Pad

Dining Options:

1.  Rio Tap & Grill -

2. The Granary Restaurant -

3. Fifth Chute Coffee & Food -


Fifth Chute Inn -

Bonnechere Lodge -

Opeongo Mountain Resort -

Foymount Farm -

Theme - Cycling

Description: Pedal your way along country roads as you wind through picturesque hamlets and villages.

Season - Spring, Summer and Fall

Suggested activities:

1. The Bonnechere Blast Past the Bonnechere Caves: This is 2-hour ride through gentle hills and farm land.  Along the way is the quaint village of Douglas and further along is the 4th Chute of the Bonnechere River with its scenic falls.

Begin at the parking lot a Legion Field on Foran Street just off of Hwy 41 near the junction of County Road 512.  Plenty of parking there as well as a splash pad in the summer and a farmer's market on Friday afternoons.

From Foran Street TURN RIGH onto Hwy 41 then LEFT onto Melanie Street.  Go a short distance downhill and TURN RIGHT onto Fourth Chute Road.  Follow Fouth Chute Road until it becomes Scotch Bush Road straight ahead on Scotch Bush Road to the intersection with Hyndford Road in the busting metropolis of Hyndform.  TURN LEFT onto Hyndford Road and continue to the intersection with Stone Road.  TURN LEFT onto Stone Road and Stone Road will become Queen Street a short distance in Douglas.

In Douglas look for the Douglas Trading Post on your feft as well as a convience store on your right.  This is nice place to reward yourself with a beverage or a treat.

From Queen Street TURN LEFT onto Fourth Chute Road for a lovely 6 km.  Ride to the Bonnechere River and the location of Bonnechere Caves.  Feel free to stop and take a picture of the boiling waters.  The caves offer a great tour and you may be lucky enough to see Cave Man Chris at the Caves.

Just past the bridge over the Bonnechere you will TURN RIGHT and following Fourth Chute Road back to Eganville.  As you enter the village look for Melanie Street on your left and TURN LEFT onto Melanie Street.  A short climb up the hill takes your back to Hwy 41 where you TURN RIGHT onto 41 and then LEFT onto Foran Street and the parking area.  

2. Eganville 1-hour Workout: Begin your ride at McRae Lookout Park on Grist Mill Road in Eganville.  It is a scenic location with easy parking.  You will see some parking meters there but these are just for donations.  Please feel free to deposit a few coins to support this community built and funded park.

This ride is through the rolling hills of the farm country around the Village of Eganville.  All roads are paved and traffic light although Augsburg Road can be a bit busier in the early evening.

From the park cross over the bridge onto John Street.  Ride towards the intersection and make a short RIGHT then LEFT turn onto Water Street.  Stay on Water Street as it becomes Augsburg Road all the way to the churches at Augsburg.

At Augsburg TURN LEFT onto Silver Lake Road and ride to the intersection with Sand Road.  TURN LEFT onto Sand Road (if you want a longer ride you can ride ahead on Silver Lake Road to the junction with County 512 (Foymount Road) and turn left onto 512 and follow it back to where it rejoins the route).

Sand Road ends at the junction with County 512 (Foymount Road) just outside the Village of Eganville.  Stay straight ahead from Sand Road onto 512 all the way to the stop sign at the Shell gas station at the intersection.  TURN LEFT onto Hwy 41 through the village and look for the SHARP RIGHT TURN back onto John Street.  Follow John Street acorss the Bonnechere River to Grist Mill Road and McRae Lookout Park on your RIGHT.

3. Eganville Gravel Grinder: The Eganville Gravel Grinder is a 50 km routes suitable for mountain bikes, fat bikes and bikes with good gearing and wider tires.

Start at the parking lot at Eganville Legion Field on Foran Street just off Hwy 41 in Eganville near the Shell gas station.  From Foran Street TURN RIGHT onto Hwy 41 and ride the short distance to County Road 512/Foymount Road at the Shell gas station.

TURN RIGHT onto Hwy 512/Foymount Road/County Road 512 for 1.5 km.  Continue to follow County Road 512 to junction with Sand Road which is straight ahead.  (512 makes a left at this junction but you want to go straight onto Sand Road).

Continue straight onto Sand Road for 4.7 km.  TURN RIGHT onto Silver Lake Road.  Head northwest on Silver Lake Road for 450 m.  TURN LEFT onto Risto Road for 4.1 km then TURN RIGHT onto Budd Road.  Head northwest on Budd Road toward Corrigan Road. 

TURN LEFT on Corrigan Road toward Cormac Road for 7.9 km (Corrigan Road is all gravel and quite hilly and beautiful).  TURN RIGHT on Cormac Road toward Silver Lake Road for 3.8 km, TURN RIGHT onto Silver Lake Road, then head northest on Silver Lake Road for 11.6 km (Silver Lake Road starts off as gravel and is fairly flat at first but there are most hills as it continues on.,  It becomes paved about half way to your next turn.)

TURN RIGHT onto Corrigan Raod (very sharp right turn), Head southwest on Corrigan Road towards Budd Road for 2.5 km, TURN LEFT onto Budd Road, TURN LEFT onto Risto Road, TURN RIGHT onto Silver Lake Road, TURN LEFT onto Sand Road toward Hwy 512/Foymount Road. for 4.8 km.

Continue straight onto Hwy 512/Foymout Road, TURN LEFT onto Summerville Drive which is the back entrance into Legion Field and the parking area.

4. Balaclava Mill Run: This is a beautiful 51 km ride through the farm land and wooded countryside.  You begin at the abondoned mill in Balaclava with parking at the boat ramp across the road.  Please be careful not to block the ramp or park in such a way as to prevent people with boat trailers from parking.  The old mill is dangerous and private property.  

Timing for the ride is between 2.5 and 3 hours with 255 metres of climbs overall.  It is suitable for all style bikes with paved roads on the entire route unless you decide to take the shortcut.

From the parking area TURN RIGHT onto Scotch Bush Road and continue to the junction of Hwy 132 in Dacre.  TURN RIGHT onto Hwy 132 and proceed to junction of Hwy 41.  TURN RIGHT onto Hwy 41.  You will ride a short distance on Hwy 41 to the junction of the historic Opeongo Road.  TURN LEFT onto  the Opeongo Road (County Road 64).  Along the way look for signs of the original Opeongo settlement road that will appear and disappear into the foliage.

About 5.5 kms along the Opeongo Road you will see the gravel Constance Creek Road on your right.  This is a shortcut that will take you back, crossing Hwy 41 and continuing to Scotch Bush Road where you can turn right and ride back to the parking area.

Continue on the Opeongo Road to the junction with McGrath Road.  TURN RIGHT onto McGrath Road and enjoy your ride through rolling hills, farm and wooded lands.

At the junction of Hwy 41 TURN RIGHT and ride on Hwy 41 to the intersection with Grattan Road (County Road 22). TURN LEFT onto Grattan Road towards Hyndford.  At the Hyndford intersection TURN RIGHT onto Scotch Bush Road for the last leg of your ride bak to the parking area at Balclava.

5.Tour de Lake Clear: This is a 52 km ride with 1175 metres of elevation gain. All roads are paved and there is one very difficult hill no matter in which direction you ride the route.

Parking is available at Eganville Legion Field located on Foran Street just north of the junction of Hwy 41 and County Road 512.

Leaving Legion Field via Foran Street, TURN RIGHT onto Hwy 41 a smoothly paved road with some shoulder paving.  Proceed south to McGrath Road and TURN RIGHT onto this tar and stone chip paved road.  The