Recreational Geology

In October 2012 the 1st ever municipally owned Recreational Geology Trail opened.  It is a Geologically rich trail in the heart of the Bonnechere Valley, leading to a limestone quarry and a hand-dug trench!

The Township of Bonnechere Valley in partnership with the Bonnechere Museum are happy to offer this local trail for recreational and educational use.  Admire Eganville’s unique natural beauty as you walk through a hillside forest and past rock walls where geological treasures are abundant.

On the Geology and Fossil Trail you will come to the Grattan Quarry.  This quarry was active in the 1800s to the early 1900s.  The limestone was shipped to various places but some was used to build Eganville’s first town hall and the footings of the original St. James Church.  It was first developed by James Bonfield in the 1800s and was owned by Shane Lime and Charcoal Company through the 1900s.

What you will see on this trail:

  • Surface rock
  • Limestone quarry
  • Hand-dug trench
  • Outliers of limestone
  • Ordovician fossils

It’s outdoor fun for the entire family! 

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