Marriage Licences

The Township of Bonnechere Valley serves the public directly by issuing Marriage Licences. There are certain stipulations and requirements for marriages in Ontario and for the issuance of a Marriage licence in The Township of Bonnechere Valley.  Please review these requirements carefully (see applicable downloads and supporting documentation below).

Please be advised that in order to apply for a Marriage Licence both individuals must present their Birth Certificates and Government issued Photo Identifications.

Please be advised that the expected time frame from dropping off the Marriage Licence Application to receiving the completed Marriage Licence is 2 business days.  Please find at the top of this page a Marriage Licence Application Form and information you need to know before you get married. 

The fee for a marriage licence is $150 for a resident of Bonnechere Valley and $200 for others.  If you have questions concerning how to obtain a Marriage Licence please contact Erica Rice at 613.628.3101 ext 226 or via email at