To contact the CBO
Call: 613.628.3101

* Please note: The approximate turn around time on any application is around 2 weeks from the date in which the completed application form was submitted.   

Building Permit Fees

Residential additions, renovations, alterations or repairs
(up to $3,000 - $130.00;
over $3,000 - $200.00;
over $30,000 - $400.00                                                                                       over $100,000 - $600.00)

.75/sq.ft $200.00 minimum

Residential garage, carport or accessory building

.50/sq.ft $150.00 minimum

Installation of a residential building unit fabricated or moved from elsewhere (e,g, mobile home-factory built home)

.50/sq.ft $150.00 minimum

New commercial/industrial building or structure


Commercial/industrial additions, renovations, alterations, repairs
(up to $3,000 - $130.00;
over $3,000 - $200.00;
over $30,000 -$400.00;                                                                                             over $100,000 - $600)                                                                                  

.75/sq.ft $200.00 minimum

Farm building (excludes residence or residence garage)


Farm building (hay and machine shed with earthen floors)


Prefabricated truss arch structures and decks

.30/sq.ft $150.00 minimum

Swimming pool


Change of use permit


Installation of chimney, fireplace/insert, stove, range, space heater, or appliance using solid fuel


Sewage system permit
(up to 10,000 litres)


Inspection of lands pertaining to septic, wells, severance, purchasing and selling


Research permit archives and distribute information


Demolition permit


Occupancy Permit/Completion Permit
If additional on site visit is required -

add $25.00 per visit

Inspection of lands pertaining to septic, wells, severance purchasing or selling


911 Civic Address Signs

Replacement Signs