To contact the CBO: Darryl Wagner
Call: 613.628.3101 ext. 242

* Please note: The approximate turn around time on any application is around 2 weeks from the date in which the completed application form was submitted.   

By-Law 2021-029 Schedule "A" - Building Permit Fees

1. Residential                                         

New Buildings (habitable) 

More than 50% of Basement out of ground

Less than 50% of Basement out of ground

$0.75 sq.ft 

$0.75 sq.ft.

$0.40 sq. ft.

per floor

for basement

for basement

Additions, renovations, alterations or repairs $0.75 sq.ft. $200.00 minimum                         
Garage, carport or accessory building $0.50 sq.ft. $200.00 minimum
Installation or a building unti fabricated or moved from elsewhere (e.g. mobile home-factory built home) $0.50 sq.ft. $200.00 minimum
2. Commercial & Industrial
New building or structure $0.75 sq.ft.
Additions, renovatios, alterations or repairs $0.75 sq.ft. $200.00 minimum
3. Farm Buildings
Farm Buildings(excludes residence or residence garage) $0.30 sq.ft
Hay and machine sheds with earthen floors $0.20 sq.ft.
4. Other
Swimming Pool $200.00
Prefabricated truss arch structures & decks $0.30 sq.ft. $200.00 minimum
Demolition Permit $200.00
Change of Use Permit $200.00
Inspection of lands pertaining to septic, wells, severance purchasing or selling $200.00
Sewage System Permit (up to 10,0000 litres) $500.00
Repairs to Sewage System (up to 10,000 litres) $250.00
Research permit archives and distribute information $50.00
Permits for the following: replacing or repairing an existing roof material, existing siding with a material of a similar type, existing windows or doors repairs of an emergency nature that are temporary to prevent weather damage until permanent repairs are made and a shed or other free standing structures 15 square meters (161 square feet) or under. Please note for buildings 15 square meters or under, zoning by-laws are still in effect. For more information please call the CBO at 613-628-3101 x 242.  No Charge