Planning Fees

Minor Variance

$500.00 application fee

Site Plan Approval

$600.00 application fee

Zoning Compliances and Certificates of Validation


Official plan




Plan of Subdivision or Condominium Approval


Zoning by-law amendment





Shoreline Road Closures

Shoreline Road Closures (application)
Shoreline Leases (application)
Shoreline Leases (renewal)                   


Shoreline Land Purchase and Road Allowance Land Purchases - $5.00 per linear foot

All Planning matters are actual costs

  • Legal Fees
  • Planning Fees
  • Advertising Fees

Please click the link here if you wish to obtain access to the County of Renfrew's Official Plan

Planning matters can be appealed to the Tribunal.  Effective July 1, 2020, fees for filing appeals have been increased.  and the following link provides the fees

Zoning Applications