Township of Bonnechere Valley Operational Review

In June 2020, Municipal Government Wayfinders Ltd., was retained by the Township of Bonnechere Valley to complete an Operational Review (OR).  Their team reviewed background documents, including plans, policies, by-laws, census data, FIRs, OMPF data and other pertinent information.

In June, due to physical distancing requirements caused by COVID-19, the team conducted video-conference interviews with members of Council, permanent staff and local stakeholders.  Later with proper distancing practices, a member of their team visited municipal facilities and toured the Township to help ground-truth the environment.

Additional local stakeholders and the Library CEO and Chair were also interviewed by one of their team members.  Several follow up telephone interviews were conducted with the CAO, members of the management team and others.  The team also conducted interviews with the Township's Auditor and IT Consultant.  A short online survey was posted from June 26th through July 31st to help gauge public sentiment at a high-level.

The document reviews, comprehensive interviews, online survey results and physical ground-truthing have helped to inform their recommendations.