OPP - Citizen Self Reporting

2.  Landlord Tenant dispute- Residential Tenancies Act

  • Tenant rights renting in Ontario
  • Who can you call if you’re having problems with a Landlord?
  • Eviction Rules, Time lines etc.


3.  Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre for reporting Scams/Frauds

  • If you suspect that you may be a target of fraud, or if you have already sent funds,  If you want to report a fraud, or if you need more information, contact The Canadian Anti- Fraud Centre:
  • Toll Free Phone number  1-888-495-8501


4.  810 Peace bond (restraining order)

  • Who can get a Peace Bond?
  • How to get a Peace Bond without the assistance of the police


5.  Family Law/ Custody Disputes

  • Custody and access issues
  • Enforceable orders
  • Child protection issues


Questions/Answers on separation and divorce agreements-  https://www.attorneygeneral.jus.gov.on.ca/english/family/faq.php

6.  Home Security Audits- Is your Residence and Property Protected?

  • What a person can do to protect their property and make them less vulnerable to thefts and break-ins
  • Take a quick audit to see if you may be at risk


7.  Canadian Firearm Centre- Regulations

  • How to apply for a (PAL) Possession and Acquisition License, fees etc.
  • How to obtain a (PAL) if my license is expired
  • Questions of transporting Restricted and Non-Restricted Firearms
  • Forms for applications
  • Firearms Centre 1-800-731-4000


8.  ATV, Motorized Snowmobile regulations

  • Requirements to operate a snowmobile/Off road vehicle in Ontario
  • Age requirements to operate
  • Registering and Licensing requirements


9.  Safe Boating and Pleasure Craft questions/answers

  • When is a pleasure craft license required?
  • Age requirements for young boaters
  • What safety equipment is require for a pleasure craft
  • Requirements for registering a boat



10.   Ministry of Transportation (MTO)    e-bikes, mo-peds, vehicle registering

  • Can a person operate an e-bike if their driver’s licence is suspended?
  • Can a person remove the pedals from an e-bike?
  • Safety equipment required for operating?
  • Does a person need a driver’s license on an e-bike
  • Mo-ped operating requirements and licensing

E-bike info http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/driver/electric-bicycles-faq.shtml

Mo-Ped info http://www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/handbook/motorcycles/section1-4-0.shtml

11.  Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)/CVOR

  • When does a person need an inspection sticker?
  • Who needs a CVOR?/ Requirements
  • Load restrictions
  • CMV safety requirements
  • Oversize/overweight permits