Conway's Pharmacy

Conway's Pharmacy
251 Bridge Street
Eganville, Ontario, Canada
K0J 1T0
Phone: 613.628.2808

Conway’s has been synonymous with quality healthcare in our region since 1972 when we first opened our doors. From day one, we have always been a community hub for health advice and information, and we are proud to continue that service today. Our website is not just a tool for basic information, but also for health information available at your fingertips anytime you need it.

Our three pharmacists and four technicians comprise our pharmaceutical team. We handle prescriptions, prescription information and alternatives, compounding and non-prescription healthcare options such as smoking cessation and diabetes management. In addition, we carry a variety of non-prescription medication that can be beneficial for aches and pains, the common cold and more. Ask us about the options we can provide for you.

In addition, our Eganville location hosts a gift shop and retail store for health and gifting ideas.

We open our doors to the community and we’re here as a partner in your health.

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