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June 9th, 2018
Letter from Resident -AnnoymousFile Icon16.63KB
Letter from Resident Paul BeanishFile Icon19.69KB
Bonnechere River Watershed ProjectFile Icon12.71KB
Letter from Resident Richard BuelowFile Icon18.25KB
Letter from Resident Brian ChristiansonFile Icon48.84KB
Letter from Resident Jackie CuthbertFile Icon17.53KB
Letter from Resident Jean DaviesFile Icon3.12KB
Letter from Resident DunfordFile Icon21.39KB
Letter from Resident Christine ErmuthFile Icon11.56KB
Letter from Resident J GutzeitFile Icon13.07KB
Letter from Resident HanakFile Icon13.36KB
Letter from Resident Lauretta HandkeFile Icon17.26KB
Letter from Resident E HeidemanFile Icon12.15KB
Letter from Resident Mark HolmanFile Icon4.08KB
Letter from Resident Daniel JaenenFile Icon4.85KB
Letter from Resident Guy JamiesonFile Icon2.89KB
Letter from Resident M JohnsonFile Icon55.87KB
Letter from Resident Dean JohnsonFile Icon19.47KB
Letter from Resident Jeff JohnsonFile Icon28.17KB
Letter from Resident Carl KaddatzFile Icon67.43KB
Letter from Lake Clear ConservancyFile Icon5.2KB
Letter from LalondeFile Icon4.37KB
Letter from R. LarkinFile Icon15.91KB
Letter from LCPOAFile Icon8.59KB
Letter from Keith LebarronFile Icon3.47KB
Letter from Nelda MarkhamFile Icon4.3KB
Letter from M.M. McGrathFile Icon16.18KB
Letter from Ray McGrathFile Icon1.1MB
Letter from Jason MillerFile Icon13.38KB
Letter from Tom MillsFile Icon15.71KB
Letter from Lorne MonahanFile Icon27.35KB
Letter from Ein & Wanda NeumanFile Icon17.1KB
Letter from Rick & Sue NoseworthyFile Icon16.17KB
Letter from Larry O'BrienFile Icon26.84KB
Letter from Mike O'BrienFile Icon2.43KB
Letter from Matt O'BrienFile Icon20.89KB
Letter from Lianne PepperFile Icon17.27KB
Letter from June PinkFile Icon15.99KB
Letter from Cynthia PrinceFile Icon3.41KB
Letter from Roy ShultisFile Icon4.98KB
Letter from J SouthwardFile Icon19.92KB
Letter from Darren SullivanFile Icon3.86KB
Letter from Gerald SwantFile Icon23.34KB
Letter from Derek SweetFile Icon3.17KB
Letter from John TakerFile Icon7.61KB
Letter from Wendy McGuire-TakerFile Icon29.39KB
Letter from Brian ThurgoodFile Icon24.54KB
Letter from Steve TorranceFile Icon23.74KB
Letter from WeckwerthFile Icon4.8KB
Letter from Murray WeckwerthFile Icon52.63KB
Letter from Herb WeckwerthFile Icon3.31KB
Georgian Bluffs Trailer BLFile Icon12.83KB
Georgian Bluffs ZB ExcerptsFile Icon20.08KB
North Perth ZB ExcerptsFile Icon22.36KB
Northern Bruce Peninsula Trailer BLFile Icon22.13KB
Northern Bruce Peninsula ZB ExcerptsFile Icon4.14KB
Occupancy of Recreational Trailers SummaryFile Icon35.29KB
Powassan ZB ExcerptsFile Icon6.46KB
Ryerson Dep-Clerk EmailFile Icon4.02KB
Ryerson Trailer BLFile Icon27.09KB
Ryerson ZB ExcerptsFile Icon17.16KB
Strong Trailer BLFile Icon22.43KB
Strong ZB ExcerptsFile Icon11.42KB
Email addresses for Lake Clear RV issueFile Icon25.05KB
Lake Clear - G. RomanowFile Icon24.38KB
MOECC 2011 Renfrew ReportFile Icon1.76MB
The Case for Regulation of RV Use on Lake Clear - FinalFile Icon2.07MB
Lancaster LetterFile Icon25.88KB
Kaddatz LetterFile Icon12.11KB

Location: Eagle's Nest (178 Jane Street, Eganville)

It is a public forum to discuss the use of RVs and Trailer on Lake Clear.  Meeting will be held on Saturday, June 9th at 10 am at the Eagle's Nest.