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2018 Municipal Election

Municipal and School Board Election 2018

The next regular Municipal Election to elect a Mayor, Four (4) Councillors and a School Board Trustee will be held on Monday October 22, 2018.  The term of office is for four years (4) starting December 1, 2018 and concludes in 2022.

Bill 181, The Municipal Elections Modernization Act, 2016, came into effect June 9, 2016 and made changes to the Municipal Elections Act, 1996 for the 2018 Municipal Elections.  For an overview of these changes please visit the Ministry of Municipal Affairs - Elections website or see the updated Municipal Election Act.

Nomination Period

The nomination period will start on Tuesday May 1, 2018 and closes on Nomination Day, Friday July 27, 2018 at 2:00 p.m.

To run for Mayor, Councillor or School Board Trustee you need to:

  • Be eligible to vote for that office
  • Submit a complete nomination form including 25 signatures and qualifying information from people eligible to vote for that office
  • Submit a fee of $100 for municipal councillor or school board trustee or $200 if running for mayor
  • Turn your completed form, fee and other qualifying documents into the township office no later than 2 pm on Friday, July 27th.

When you file your nomination papers you will be given information on running for the office you are seeking as well as a spending limit for your campaign.  You can also obtain this information before filing by asking for it at the township office.

Since we have a referendum question this year, there will be a ballot in all wards, However, if only one candidate has filed proper nomination papers for your ward by the July 27th deadline that person may be acclaimed to that office once the election’s officer certifies that they have met all nomination criteria.

Are you on the Voters' List?

To be eligible to vote you must:

  • Be a resident of the Township of Bonnechere Valley or own property here or be a non-resident tenant of property here or be the spouse of a non-resident tenant.
  • Be a citizen of Canada
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Not be legally prohibited from voting

The Voters' List for the Township of Bonnechere Valley is prepared by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC).  MPAC is a not-for-profit corporation mandated by the Government of Ontario to conduct property assessments for tax purposes on behalf of municipalities and is legislated to provide municipalities with a Preliminary List of Electors in a municipal election year.  This list is used by Municipal Clerks to produce the final Voters' List used for the election.

MPAC administers which is an online service available to electors.  Using, electors can confirm and update their electoral information for the purposes of the Preliminary List of Electors for the upcoming municipal and school board elections.  MPAC will launch during the spring of 2018

Alternative Voting – Vote By Mail?

The Clerk, no later than October 5th, 2018, shall mail or cause to be mailed, to every elector on the Voters List on the date of mailing, a complete voters package and thereafter the Clerk shall at the time of adding an elector to the Voters List, deliver or cause to be delivered to the elector, a complete voters package.

Ballots received by the Clerk after 8:00 PM on Voting Day shall not be counted and shall be treated as rejected ballots, placed in a sealed box and retained for the statutory document retention period.

A separate voting package is required from each individual elector. Packages which contain more than one identification slip, ballots from another elector or more than one inner ballot envelope shall be treated as rejected ballots.

The vote by mail procedure is as follows: Upon receipt of the voting package, the elector shall complete the ballot(s), insert the ballot in the secrecy envelope, seal the secrecy envelope, place the secrecy envelope in the return envelope, complete the Voter Declaration Form and insert it into the return envelope. The elector shall then seal the return envelope and mail or deliver it to the Advance Ballot Return Station prior to voting day or deliver it to the Voting Day Return Station on voting day.

If an elector on or added to the voters list does not receive a voting package, or if the package is lost or destroyed, a replacement package may be issued. The elector may attend at the township office to obtain a replacement package. The Clerk or designate will confirm that the elector is qualified, administer an appropriate oath, note on the voters list that a replacement package has been issued, and issue the replacement package.

Each day, as return voting packages are received at the municipal office, designated staff will remove the ballot envelope and voter identification slip and update the voters list by striking off the name of the voter. Sealed ballot envelopes will be sorted according to ward and placed in a secure drop box. A ballot envelope which is not sealed or has marks which may identify the elector will be rejected, marked accordingly, and kept separately in a secure drop box. At the end of each day the Clerk or designated official shall affix a seal to each of the ward drop boxes, initial the seal and place the sealed drop boxes in a secure place. Each morning the Clerk or designate shall retrieve the drop boxes, inspect the seals to ensure they are intact, and in the presence of another staff member break the seals to access the slots for use during the day. After 8:00 PM on voting day the boxes will be sealed and transferred to the care of the Clerk, who shall transport them to a designated secure counting area.

Should a voting package be returned to the municipality as “undelivered”, it shall be marked invalid and stored in a separate, sealed drop box, under the care of the Clerk. A new ballot shall be issued to the elector once proper mailing address has been established. It is the responsibility of the elector to ensure that the Clerk is aware of their proper mailing address.

Important Events & Dates

NOMINATION DAY STARTS - Tuesday May 1, 2018

NOMINATION DAY ENDS - Friday July 27, 2018 at 2:00 pm

ELECTION DAY - Monday October 22, 2018