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August 11th, 2018

How The Amazing Race Eganville Works:

Instead of finding items like a traditional scavenger hunt, the team must DO or ACCOMPLISH something from the list of CHALLENGES and you must get photographic proof.

This is a fundraiser for the Splash Pad.  Lunch is included in your registration.

1. Must Pre-Register.  No same day registrations.

2. For questions or inquires call Dana at 613.628.3101 ext. 226 or

3.Please bring cash or cheque on the day of the event or pay be debit or cash at the Township of Bonnechere Valley's municipal office. Cost per person is $15 or $50 for a team.


  • Extra Points are awarded to teams that have a uniform or costume at discretion of judges.
  • Teams must wear wrist bands.  Do not remove bands as they will be your lunch ticket too.
  • Teams must sign a release.
  • You are allow to ask random people questions or for help.
  • All team members must stay together - you may not split up to do multiple tasks at same time.
  • All team members must participate in a task, however one member will take the photograph or it can be a group selfie.
  • Teams may use vehicles to get from task to task, but don't have to.
  • Unsportmanslike behaviour is not welcome.  Rudeness ruins the event for everyone.
  • Teams are encouraged to be competitive while have fun and being friendly.
  • Cheating and Breaking the law will disqualify teams.
  • Teams must arrive back to the Check In at 12:30 pm.  Teams will be penalized for every minute they are late.

Photo evidence of completion of challenges:

Teams must have a smartphone or Polariod instant camera or save their photos on a camera for judges to view, at the the end of the race.

The Amazing Race - Pre-registration
* Team name
* League
Your Information
* First Name
* Last Name
* Email
* Phone number
* Your age
Team Members

Please enter then full names of your team members with thier age.

i.e. John Doe (45),  Jane Doe (33)

* Team members with age

Enter the text in this image
Enter the text in this image