pdf fileBy-Law 2019-069 - Pregnancy Parental Leave Policy to Recognize a Memberof Council's Right
Being a by-law to authorize the passage of a pregnancy parental leave policy to recognize a member of Council's right to take a leave for the member's pregnancy, the birth of the members' child or the adoption of a child by the member
pdf fileBy-Law 2019-055 - Governing the Attendance of Meetings of Council
Being a by-law governing the attendance of meetings of Council using alternative means
pdf fileBy-Law 2019-021 - Council Code of Conduct
Being a by-law to establish council code of conduct of the Township of Bonnechere Valley
pdf fileBy-Law 2018-057 - Rates for Remuneration and Expenses
Being a by-law to set rates for remuneration and expenses for members of council when on municipal business
pdf fileBy-Law 2014-071 - Council Procedures & Policies
Being a by-law to govern the proceedings, conduct of members and calling of meeting of council and committees
pdf fileBy-Law 2014-067 - Adopt Titles
Being a by-law to adopt the titles of its elected members for the Corporation of the Township of Bonnechere Valley
pdf fileBy-Law 2005-14 - Indemnity & Defense By-Law
Being a by-law to provide for the indemnity and defense of councillors and employees of the Township of Bonnechere Valley against liability incurred while acting on behalf of The Township of Bonnechere Valley